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Why ?

Experience, Expert Knowledge, reliable Risk-Management

The path to successful project completion often is steep and full of little stones. In IT projects many big and small uncertainties are in the nature of a "single-item production".

To avoid possible problems and - in case they should have 'hit' the project - you can count on an experienced partner to help you ensure the best possible handling of such a situation.

We love to help you "getting the stones out of your way", especially in the following areas (please choose the best matching selection for your individual situation):

  • Project-Start: Support in + Reviews on creating functional description, solution approach, design, database modelling / Setting up quality-, risk-management / Kickoff-worskhops, ...
  • Project-Supervision: Coaching for project managers, Reviews, Worskhops, Database-Tuning, ...
  • Projekt-Completion: Support in completion reporting, Acceptance test planning + -execution, Performance analysis + -tuning in operation, ...
  • Outside of Projects: Evaluating + implementing project methods, Search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, Employee qualification, APO Coaching for ISO 17024:2002 individual certification

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Peter Schwindling, Member of the Expert Jury for the IT Innovations Award 2012 of the Initiative for Mid-Sized Enterprises

IT Innovations Award - Expert Jury

Member of the experct jury for the IT Innovations Award 2015 (as since 2010) of the Initiative for Mid-Sized Enterprises, responsible for the categories BPM (Business Process Managamenet) and DMS (Document Management Systems)

Peter Schwindling, Member of the BPM Expo Board of Experts

BPM-Expo Board of Experts

Member of the Board of Experts of the Business Process Management (BPM) Content Portal BPM Expo, Article on optimization of process cost in logistics by application of BPM methods and tools (see "Fachinfo \ Branchen \ Logistik")

Peter Schwindling, Co-Author of 'The BPM Book'

The BPM-Book, Co-Author

Co-Author as BPM expert in the book 'BPM - Business Process Management, Practise and Application'

Peter Schwindling is member of the BPM Network (D, A, CH)


Article and contents in the BPM Network - Information on benefit oriented evaluation and selection / on implementaion of BPM- and Workflow methods and tools.

Manager Software-Development and stock holder of GmbH

BPM for Lawyers / Legal Departments

with the law firm software 'LawFirm' delivers comprehensive solutions incl. DMS for lawyers, law firms, legal departments, freelance professionals and professional service firms: office automation / -organization with workflow support, including electronic case management (document management / document workflow) and teamwork within networks for digital dictation.

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